The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, which affects almost every part of the world, has started to be seen in our country. Even being called epidemic may be disturbing in itself; the speed of coronavirus spreading, the route of transmission, and the difficulty of the treatment process make people more concerned about this virus. Stating that the medical aspects of the coronavirus are explained in detail by specialists, Expert Psychologist Naciye Tokaç explained the psychological dimensions that developed with the emergence of the virus and what could be done.

From the moment coronavirus started to appear in our country, I see that anxiety and sometimes panic among people increase. Is anxiety or panic normal in this situation?

I can say that it is normal to see anxiety. Because a real stimulus is needed for anxiety to occur and this epidemic disease is a real stimulus. However, it is not necessary to be a panic because what we call panic occurs suddenly and there is a great sense of helplessness in it. In the event that we are experiencing, if what scientists say about this virus is applied, it is prevented from transmitting the virus or transmitting it to everyone at the same time. This means that this is a situation that requires serious caution without panic.

When talking about the bad weather of panic; ignoring the real anxiety that arises in this epidemic situation will also endanger both one's own health and public health. The facts show that there is no such thing as “nothing happens to me / us”. There are serious reasons for taking precautions and measures, but there is no need to panic because panic can prevent the measure.

"What makes people panic in the coronavirus outbreak?" when we think; We can say that the person is unable to control his body first and then the outside world, and there is a sense of loss of control. Because he wants the things that can happen to human beings under his control, even if a little. Uncertainty is one of the hardest processes that people cannot bear. This uncertainty, uncontrollability, and anxiety about whatever they do, are the reason for the panic sense that people experience. In return, what needs to be done; First of all, to follow exactly what the experts say, to do everything we can personally control. However, this is an epidemic and still worries that it may happen to us, keeping our mood, morale positive and trusting experts and doctors.


Let's talk a little bit about what we can do.

First of all, we should know that; this is real. It is normal that the truth worries us. In this case, let your anxiety, let your emotions, a little excitement, a little uncertainty, a little future anxiety, a little bit knowing what to do… That's exactly what we are experiencing. Then tell yourself first; "I am anxious now, I'm afraid, I don't know what will happen," and then add, "I am anxious because there is a reason for this, I do not know what to expect, but I did everything I could, I will continue to do it." In doing so, breathe right; take a deep and long breath through the nose, exhale more slowly through the mouth. Repeat this breathing exercise once in a while.

Social support is always necessary but here we all share a common problem. If there are someone more anxious than you in your environment, get them to get support and don't just hear what they say, share your feelings and thoughts with people you truly believe in, trust and psychologically relax you.

Since coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease, the only way to prevent it is to cut physical contact. Therefore, staying at home should be taken out only for essential needs and keeping the distance. When this is the case, other problems can always be seen by staying at home. Always doing the same things, always meeting the same people, perhaps being bored with being bored at home is overwhelming. In order to get rid of this, you should start to determine a strategy from the very beginning of your stay, what can I do? should make a list of thoughts. Because this will not be a short-term process. From time to time, everyone says that there are many activities to do if they stay at home for a long time. Although this is a compulsory home stay, if you make a program of what you can do to yourself, you can prevent this boredom. If you have a struggle for yourself, your thoughts about staying at home will come out of your understanding of “imperatively at home.”

Many people are concerned about the family they love and live with, as well as their family. Since this danger is valid for all of us, we actually share a common problem. Tell each other that we love each other, how much we value them, share. You can use technology for this: it's time. You can talk to your loved ones, make video recordings and make each other feel your love.

Another effect of staying at home is with the people we live with; As a result of mothers, fathers, children, spouses and family elders always staying together, their own tension, anger affect, and conflict of anxiety. Instead of seeing the negative side of each other, it would be beneficial to feel that you are thinking about each other in such a problem, and to be aware that the warnings about the precautions are actually related to the value you give to each other.

It can be an inspiring process for us to re-evaluate the past and reconstruct the future in a process that is very difficult for us all and we know it will pass. This goes away as a process in which we realize how important our fears and concerns are in our lives, how important it is to make our dreams come true, and that our lives are very precious. In this process, it will increase our hope to know that it will pass. If you fulfill your responsibilities, feel proud to know that you have a share in this passing.

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