Corona virus; Like other virus infections (polio, chickenpox, measles), it is a type of virus disease, and deadly just like other infections you are familiar with. It also worsens the course of the disease by disrupting the body's defense system. The mortality rate in MERS and SARS viruses seen in human history was much higher than coronavirus.

Covid-19 is not a deadly outbreak that will be as exaggerated as the fevers spread around. To reveal how many people die per year from many diseases in the world, write the name of microbial or parasitic disease and see the annual mortality rates on the website of the world health organization.


  • According to the latest TUIK data; Our seniors / elderly / individuals over the age of 65 are the highest risk group of 17%.
  • Patients who receive chemotherapy treatments are inconvenient even having flu, and they and their surroundings should be especially careful.
  • Individuals with compromised immune systems are also at risk.


  1. Adequate sleep: An average of 7 hours of sleep daily is crucial for your immune system to be strong.
  2. Regular exercise: Absolutely walking in your daily life, yoga, meditation, etc. You should include exercises, even if simple.
  3. Avoid contact.
  4. Take care of cleanliness: Especially should wash your hands frequently; you should do daily bathroom, tooth and hair cleaning.
  5. For plenty of water: The best purification, the best protection is food.
  6. Make sure your minerals are not deficient: You need to take enough vitamin D, B12, Zinc, Vitamin C daily.
  7. Eat the seasonal fruit vegetables.
  8. Make room for phenolic ingredients in your life: Royal jelly, propolis are the best examples. Here are a few important points that minerals such as zinc, magnesium, known as immunomodulators, are reduced in vegetables and fruits due to greenhouse cultivation and should be supplemented with animal-derived foods and Epsom (British salt) or natural mineral waters.

Also, carotenoids are essential for the strong immune system and are found in foods such as chard, beet, carrot, black cabbage . Again, for vitamin B1 legumes, avocados, meat products and tuna fish should be included in the tables.



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