General Surgery Specialist Dr. Kamil Gülpınar stated that the COVID-19 outbreak caused more serious complications in people with obesity problems and that the fight against obesity should be accelerated, especially after the pandemic


Obesity is defined as an energy balance disruption that leads to metabolic disorders that cause weight gain, tissue stress and dysfunction. This means that obesity is not only overweight, but also being overweight has a negative effect on your body health.

One of these negative effects is the impaired function of the immune system called the lymphoid and neutrophil line. These are cells that release infection from normal tissue to maintain the immune system and must be kept in balance by maintaining it.

This imbalance in the immune system and chronic inflammation of normal tissue involves people with obesity in the group at high risk of developing the disease. For the treatment of obesity, first of all, the body mass index should be above 35 and accompanied by health problems such as diabetes blood pressure, sleep apnea.

Obesity poses a vital risk due to these diseases. Before deciding on obesity surgery, the patient should have tried to lose weight more than once together with diet and exercise specialists and fail.

If the patient cannot recover from all his attempts from overweight, he immediately regains a few pounds he has lost, and if his health problems pose a life-threatening risk, surgical treatment is applied.

In order to apply surgical techniques in the treatment of obesity, the general health of the person must be suitable for the operation. For this, the patient undergoes various tests and examinations. Depending on the suitability of the results, one of the bariatric surgical techniques can be decided. The most preferable among these techniques is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, also known as tube stomach surgery. Apart from this, methods such as laparoscopic gastric bypass, duodenal switch, biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) can be applied.

Obesity surgeries are performed with closed technique, namely laparoscopic method today. With these operations, the stomach volume of people with excess weight problems is reduced and the feeling of hunger is restricted and the absorption level of the stomach is reduced. In this way, a person can lose weight regularly and get rid of obesity and diseases caused by obesity.

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