While the metabolism is very fast at a young age, this rate slows down in the older ages. Although we cannot change our age, gender, and genes, there are many effective methods to increase our metabolic rate. Here are some of these methods…

While physically completely at rest, the amount of energy consumed by the body is called 'basal metabolism'. It is measured by looking at the speed of calorie expenditure of the body at rest and it is affected by many factors such as genetic factors, physical activity, body temperature, physical properties, age and gender. This accounts for an average of 70% of the total metabolic rate. The rest is the energy consumed by the striated muscles that provide us mobility during the day, and the energy spent in the digestion of nutrients taken by nutrition. Therefore, the more active during the day, the higher the rate of metabolism. The metabolism of men works more than women. Because excessive muscle mass means more fat burning in the body. If the muscle mass in the body increases, the rate of metabolism also increases.


– The most effective method to increase metabolism rate is to increase muscle mass by exercising regularly… Basal metabolism rate decreases as the adipose tissue increases in the body, basal metabolic rate increases as muscle tissue increases. People who practice sports for a long time have a much higher rate of metabolism during exercise, so sports are more effective in the long run, not in a short time, to speed up your metabolism. Also, increases in body temperature during sports accelerate metabolism. It is useful to go for fat-burning exercises such as walking, swimming, and cycling.

– Getting calories below basal metabolic rate slows metabolism. It was found that there was a 50% reduction in basal metabolic rate in case of excessive and persistent fasting. Therefore, diets made at very low calories decrease the rate of metabolism.

– People with snack habits increase metabolic rate. Feeding in the form of 3 main 3 snacks will reduce the hunger as it will prevent excessive hunger. Healthy options such as milk, yogurt, whole grains, raw nuts, fruits and vegetables should be preferred for snacks.

– Daily enough water consumption increases the metabolic rate. In order for metabolism to work properly and efficiently, plenty of water should be consumed.

– Thyroid and insulin hormone affect the metabolic rate. Metabolism slows down in people with iron and B12 deficiency. If you have doubts about your metabolic rate, it is useful to have your hormone, vitamin and mineral values ​​checked.

– Using lots of spices in meals helps speed up metabolism. Although the metabolism-accelerating effect of spices does not provide a lasting effect, it works instantly. People who have no problems with their stomach can consume some spices every day.

– Thermogenic effects of protein foods are higher than carbohydrates and fats. In other words, while protein foods are digested, our body spends more calories. In this case, it enables the metabolism to work faster. Foods with high protein content; meat products are eggs, nuts, almonds, walnuts, milk and dairy products.

– Spices such as green tea, mate tea, coffee, antioxidant foods (those containing high vitamin C, pineapple, kiwi, beet, red purple fruits), turmeric, cinnamon, hot red pepper, black pepper also help to lose weight by affecting your metabolic rate. .

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