Chestnut honey is the honey that the bees obtain from chestnut flowers in June. Positive effects on health are slightly more effective than other honey. It is also slightly darker than other honeys. Honey is a very valuable bee product. Strengthens the immune system. It is a good food that can be consumed in order not to get sick during the winter season. It also has positive effects on the healing of inflammations. According to the types of honey, changes in health effects can also be seen. Chestnut honey contains 2 times more iron, 3.5 times more calcium and 5 times more potassium than flower honey.

Contains iron

Chestnut honey has about 2 times more iron content than other honey varieties. Therefore, it is among the honey varieties that can be preferred in winter.

The content is very strong

Contains high amounts of minerals, pollen and tannin. It is a dark calf between dark yellow and black. It has a low amount of acid and has a unique aromatic flavor. You may feel a bitter taste after eating.

Aging is counteracting

Chestnut honey contains high amounts of antioxidants. This helps to remove free radicals and is a very good anti-agin. Provides a youthful appearance by protecting the body from the effects of aging.

The immune booster

Iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, antioxidants and high levels of minerals help strengthen muscles, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and enable metabolism to function healthily.

Protective paste recipe in cold weather:

To get rid of throat infections and cough, one of the most common diseases these days, you can turn chestnut honey and pepper into a paste and consume it with warm water.

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