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<p> My favorite is to walk. It's like our body is more likely to walk rather than swim. Even in simple home and office walks, we operate the largest muscle groups of the body such as hip, calf, leg muscles, which is a great advantage (eighty percent of the total muscle-muscle load in the body is below our umbilical line). In addition, the gymnastics of the vascular system is a significant point of the walk. Gait is also more effective in breaking insulin resistance. Because you use more muscle mass, and using them to make them “insulin brooms getirmek means getirmek insulin-absorbing sponges demek. Ordinary walks are also useful, but the active one is the “paced” one. That is 40-60 minutes with an average rhythm of 120 steps per minute. No time? 20-30 minutes is enough. Just do it every day. We're even willing to do 5-minute reps per hour. Just walk away. </p>
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<p> http://sosyal.hurriyet.com.tr/yazar/osman-muftuoglu_96/hangisi-dogru_29467137 </p>
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