The benefits of dozens of tiny, as well as dozens of them! Especially thanks to the ‘anthocyanin’ component that gives its red color, it strengthens the immune system and prevents many diseases from flu to cancer. Nutrition and Diet Expert Hazal Çatırtan Çobanoğlu stated that instead of squeezing the juice of pomegranate and consuming half of the pomegranate, it is much more beneficial.

Antioxidant rich
Contains Punicalagin and punicic acid pomegranate has high antioxidant activity. Research shows that pomegranate and pomegranate juice have three times the antioxidant activity of green tea. These antioxidants help to prevent damage to our body by stress, malnutrition and adverse environmental conditions.

Anti-inflammatory action
Chronic inflammation is the precursor of many diseases, from cardiovascular diseases to Alzheimer's, from cancer to type 2 diabetes. Pomegranate has an anti-inflammatory effect, largely due to the antioxidant properties of punicalagins. Regular pomegranate consumption is a good option to reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Cancer protection
Pomegranate antioxidant substances can slow down or stop the formation of cancer cells. In particular, there have been positive researches on breast, colon and prostate cancer prevention.

Helps to lower blood pressure
Thanks to the polyphenols in the pomegranate and pomegranate juice content, it can regulate enzyme activities and provide vasodilation and decrease in blood pressure. It has a protective effect on the blood vessels and heart by affecting cholesterol levels.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Hazal Çatırtan Çobanoğlu “In the study conducted at the University of California, people who consume regular pomegranate / pomegranate juice for 4 weeks performed better verbal-visual memory tasks and tests have been found to be more successful. 19

Thanks to its antioxidants and urolithin A, our body is able to protect the muscles more easily against damage. Tissue damage is minimized. This delays aging in both body and skin.

Positive effect on the reproductive system
It is thought to have protective effect on eggs and embryos due to its protective effect against oxidative stress. It also helps to increase sperm density and motility in men.

Effective in maintaining weight
Pomegranate is a fruit that satisfies both the eye and the abdomen. Half a bowl of pomegranate only 72 calories. However, it contains 3.5 g dietary fiber. These dietary fibers both provide satiety and protect our intestinal health.

Energy source for exercise
Nutrition and Diet Specialist Hazal Çatırtan Çobanoğlu “Pomegranate is a fruit that provides natural nitrate intake in the diet. Nitrates have been shown to have an effect on lowering blood pressure as well as increasing the physical performance of mitochondria that produce energy. 19

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